Two-day exhibition by DAE

The Department of Atomic Energy organized Two days exhibition in New Delhi, on DAE spin-off technologies for non-power applications.

The exhibition is covering technologies developed by the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), which are useful for the common man in day-to-day life e.g. in the field of health, agriculture, water, food security and environment.

The details of the exhibits are as follows:

The Department of Atomic Energy organized Two days Exhibition in New Delhi based on the theme: Empowering India through Technologies, showcasing the technologies related to four different sectors as mentioned below:

1. Health: In the health sector, there are three segments-

  1. Development of Radio Pharmaceuticals
  2. Production & Distribution
  3. its implementation for diagnosis and therapeutic application.

The treatment of Cancer is managed by Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH), a fully autonomous aided institution of DAE, provides comprehensive treatment to cancer patients. Medical devices for Tele-ECG, Bhabhatron- A Radiation teletherapy machine, screening of TB and Cancer are on display.

2. Agriculture: DAE has developed 44 high yielding seed varieties by inducing mutation suit local weather conditions across the country. DAE has also developed technologies of fertilizer production from bio-sludge and encourages organic farming.

The disease-resistant, low maturity period and high yielding crops have been well accepted by the farmers. Rural technologies are also being made available to rural youth through ‘AKRUTI’ program.

3. Water: DAE has developed technologies for clean water to fulfill departmental requirements and as spin-off developed many techniques which find applications in ultrafiltration membrane, RO membrane, multistage flash evaporation and water hydrology based on radiotracers. Low-cost water filters for removal of all contamination from drinking water have been displayed.

4. Environment: DAE technologies are finding a lot of applications for Swatch Bharat Mission where bio-methanization& Urban Sludge Hygienization technologies are being deployed across the country. “Nisargruna” plant is a bio- Mechanization plant for digesting kitchen food waste and green vegetable wastes from agriculture markets to Methane gas which can be used for cooking/generating electricity or even for running biogas vehicles. This plant can digest animal waste from slaughterhouse also.

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