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New aspirants preparing for UPSC might do many mistakes which fails them clear the UPSC prelims or mains. One should avoid Avoid these mistakes while preparing for UPSC exams otherwise it may cost them heavily in the examination.

1. Don’t neglect NCERTs

– Neglecting NCERTs, in the beginning, may cost you a big. NCERTs are the building block of the exams like UPSC and State PSCs. If you have consulted or taken guidance from anyone, you must have told that the first to read NCERTs.
In my earlier post also I have shared the direct link to download the NCERTs so that you no need to search each and every book over the Internet.
NCERTs gives you a brief idea about the subject and topics you have to prepare. It not only gives you the knowledge about the topics but also makes you subject interesting and easy to grab in a critical and logical way instead of just mugging up everything from other books.
So, don’t do a mistake of avoiding NCERT in the initial days. I would suggest you to just read NCERT books initially, then evaluate yourself and go for buying specific subject books.

2. Too much focus on reading Newspaper

– Reading a newspaper is a very important thing, but reading a useless thing and not knowing what to read in that may be time-consuming and also affect your other preparation and targets to complete the subjects.


In my earlier post, I shared the tips to keep track of Government schemes on a monthly basis. It is true that you cannot read each and everything in the newspaper. You select your newspaper and read-only Government related actions, schemes and policies.
You can also read Editorials as it will help you in writing essays and answers in the UPSC Mains. But, reading a newspaper should not take more than 1 hour daily as more than this would affect your time table and will also feel boring.

3. Not focused and dedicated

– Focus and Dedication are very much required to crack an exam. Follow step by step your subject and topics and change the subject when you start feeling bored. But, losing dedication and focus from your preparation might move away from you from success.

To maintain focus and dedication, practice writing answers and writing notes may be helpful and also think of your dream that you want to be. You have to also properly chose your optional subject and the wrong decision can also lose your interest in the preparation.

Avoid these mistakes while preparing for UPSC exams

4. The habit of reading and mugging up everything

– ‘One should know everything‘ is the biggest scam that every aspirant think. This is totally wrong. Smart work is very much required to crack the exam. I mean you have to follow the syllabus and follow that direction after evaluating the previous year question and pattern.

Mugging everything and unnecessary topics can demotivate when you won’t able to clear the exam. This will also bring tiredness and might miss the important topics in mugging up useless topics. So, focus and stick to the syllabus only will be beneficial as no one can learn everything in one’s life.

5. Not making Time Table

– Time management is an essential element required to achieve success. You have to manage your time table very well.

Dividing subjects and topics according to the time you have to study for the exams. It is very important to divide time wisely as per the level of the subjects. You might be weak in one subject and strong in the other and you only know which subject more time.

But in dividing time, don’t do the mistake of devoting more time to subject you like. The division should be equal to all subject as much as possible.

6. Not practicing Previous year questions

– Previous year questions are very important for every exam you prepare. Previous questions give you a picture of the exam and what type of questions they can ask.

So, download the question papers of the previous year and with each subject analyze the way questions are asked.

7. Not practicing Answer writing

– It is seen that many fail after Mains and if you ask them the reason they will say they could not write the answer or could not attempt all questions. It is just because of practice only. Aspirants sometimes only focus on reading and making notes and then revise them.

But practicing of writing answers is also an essential element that can give an edge over others. It not only increases speed but also helps you to know how much have to write and which questions are to attempt. So, write answers to questions and do a lot of practice.

8. Not confident at the time of Interview

– You know overconfidence not only dangerous but also not having confidence is also dangerous. Confidence is not stuff that can be bought and feed into one’s mind in a day. It takes time and of course, good things take time.

If you ask many candidates who appear for the Interview and fail, they will tell that they got nervous as there were 5 senior people panel who shot answers. The confidence is very much required that time as they don’t bother about your answer they bother about your confidence.

This is the confidence only that help you in your Mains as well as Interview. When you give even wrong answer but with confidence, can affect interviewer in a positive way. You win them and ace in the exam as the UPSC interview contains marks out of 275.

Hence, One should avoid Avoid these mistakes while preparing for UPSC exams otherwise it may cost them heavily in the examination.

Best of luck and prepare with strategic way only can help in achieving your goal.

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