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I think General Knowledge or General Awareness section is the most difficult one to score comparatively to other section in exams conducted by SSC, IBPS, RRB, etc. Whereas for UPSC aspirants, it is the most common thing and they can score good marks comparative to others who are focused on only SSC, IBPS exams.


So why is it very difficult to score in GA section?

– As you can understand by name it is ‘General Awareness’ means you have to aware of your surroundings, about your country, about world, etc. if you have appeared for one of the exams, you must have noticed that there is no specific syllabus for the general awareness section and also takes very less time to solve the questions.
But, if you have gone through previous year papers, you must have noticed a specific pattern to ask questions and on which background the examiners emphasizing except in a few circumstances. Forget UPSC, they do not follow any pattern in their preliminary examinations.


What to read then?

Now, you must mesmerize what to read there are so many topics and no specific things to focus like in other sections. In this section, you can also score decent marks, just you have to do focus on the pattern in what way they ask the questions.


I mean level of questions asked in the examination. In UPSC prelims, they focus in-depth concepts and knowledge which might not possible for all. However, in SSC and IBPS exams, they focus on general knowledge available to the aspirant on the specific topics. They don’t ask too much in-depth answers.


They may ask you like ‘Under which Constitutional Amendment Act GST is passed?‘ the answer is ‘101 constitutional amendment act, 2017
Now, you can understand that you no need to go in-depth while reading something specially preparing for IBPS or SSC types exams.


What should be the approach

– The problem is now how to approach and have to study so much. It is not like that you first go through the pattern of questions are asked in the exams for which you are preparing. If you see SSC exams pattern, questions are simple but not fixed from which topic it may be asked. So, you have to at least read the basics of history, economics, geography, constitution and if you are preparing for UPSC too, I no need to guide on these topics. But if not preparing, you can have a list of books which you read and gain some momentum.


Moreover, it is not enough to focus on only general studies topics, you will also have to focus on current affairs especially for IBPS exams. You can follow below-mentioned links daily for 1 hour to keep your self updated:-


  • – daily update for government workings.
  •, – all government related Acts, Bills in Parliament with a brief.
  • – news on important topics from the exams point of view.
And also you can buy magazines if you have no time daily to spend. Monthly magazines are available which you can buy monthly basis and practice each topic also special editions of general studies of history, constitution, science, economics etc are available. The list of monthly magazines with current affair updates available: –


  • chronicles or
  • pratiyogita darpan magazines.
Here, i prefer you to buy pratiyogita darpan magazines on a monthly basis, they update with good content and i have also personally followed it.


What will be the strategy?

– Now, reading only topics and memorizing them, are not going to help you score the good marks. You have to follow some strategy such as: –
  • Link the subject with each other: while reading general studies subjects, you have to link each subject with other as history is linked with geography and geography is linked with economies of the country. Try to make out in-story way to read these subjects so that you will better grip on these topics and then practice is the essential thing which should not forget.
  • Spend daily 1 hour on reading general awareness stuffs: make a habit reading newspaper but in that, you have to read only the important topics like economy-related, government schemes, policies, awards, a big event happened in the country. In this connection, I have already mentioned monthly magazines that you can follow up.
It is difficult to approach general awareness but spending good time on it, this can also score well. like in SSC, they generally focus on science, current affairs related to government schemes and policies, constitution, awards, etc instead of going to world happenings. However, in IBPS exams, they try to target everything specifically Banking or finance or economy-related any big changes happened or bill or Act passed in the parliament and world geography like capital, their currency they usually ask 2-3 questions on that. and they don’t ask questions on history or much on constitution related, as their main focus is current affairs only.


Practice and devoting time can bring you success in any field. This is also not a big thing, just make your strategy according to your requirements and interest and also per exams requirements.

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