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To get recruited through UPSC Civil Services, one needs proper guidance to start preparation for UPSC Civil Services exams. Therefore, In this post, I will share the step by step guide to start preparation for UPSC Civil Services exams.

Union Public Commission (UPSC) is a government organization that recruits Grade A officer like IAS, IPS, IRS(IT), IRS(GST), IFS, etc for the different administrative field of the Indian Government. And, the same is posted to state in different departments. To get recruited through UPSC Civil Services, one needs proper guidance to start preparation for UPSC Civil Services exams. Therefore, In this post, I will share the step by step guide to start preparation for UPSC Civil Services exams

But, cracking the exam of civil service is a hard nut to crack. Most of the aspirants spend a lot of money and prepare for this exam but fails in the end. How to start preparation is the biggest question for the aspirants who are not having a guide or to suggest where to start. In this connection, I will tell if you tips that you have to must follow before reading the specific books on specific topics.

The following Step by step guide to starting preparation for UPSC Civil Services exams before spending money on coaching:-

1. Whether you can do it

In my earlier posts, I discussed that the first read the syllabus of UPSC CSE and the previous year questions asked in the examination. This will give you an idea whether you really getting what UPSC CSE is, and also whether you have time to prepare it, the dedication you can give to crack this exam.

So, these analyses are very much required for any aspirant who has put the first step in the preparation of UPSC CSE. So, have a look at the syllabus and previous year questions paper to clear your picture in the mind.

2. Make proper strategy about the subjects

After analyzing each and every topics and subject of the UPSC CSE, you can make a strategy to prepare for each subject. Like someone is weak in maps and geography and others may be in Constitution and Politics related.

So, you have to make a strategy in order to grasp each subject properly. You can make a time table first and divide your schedule hour for it. You can focus more initial on the subjects on which you have less knowledge but don’t devote to that subject only. Read other subjects side by side too.

3. Must read NCERTs

You must have heard from everyone that NCERT is very important to go through it, don’t miss it. Yes, it is true. To gain interest also, you are necessary to read the NCERT books.

You can download PDFs of a new edition of NCERT books available for free on NCERT official sites and also buy from stores as it won’t cost more than 2000 if you buy 6-10th class books.

You can buy only social science, environment science books for 6-8th class and science, social science, politics book for 9-10th class. Reading of these books will give a better idea of the subjects for which you can prepare and write in the exams. NCERT books just help you in getting towards the preparation with a base so do not forget to read them.

However, you cannot fully rely on them for proper preparation of UPSC CSE as the syllabus is vast. You need to specialized books on each subject that also I will discuss in my upcoming posts.

4. Write a habit of making notes:

As you know that UPSC CSE Mains is the subjective one. You have to write 250-300 words answer with good content in less than 3 minutes because you know there are 20 questions asked in each paper for 180 minutes.

To give an answer within time, you must be having a writing habit and also good handwriting. Writing notes on subjects will help you understand the topic better and in memorizing them properly. You can write notes according to your need. No need to write for all topics as you think you can manage.

I tell you a fact that good handwriting in UPSC matters and also affects the evaluator who evaluates your answer. Therefore, make habit of writing notes so that you can easily grasp the subject and revise it on last days before the exams. This will also improve your handwriting which can be a vital tool in getting a good score.

5. Regular reading of newspaper:

If you are not in a habit of reading the news and not aware of current Government policies and schemes, please start reading it. Without knowing the Government administration, its policies, and schemes, you cannot crack the exam.

You can read only Government related and its administrative news in the newspaper and then, try to evaluate all the related topics in it.

So, please start reading news and be aware of all policies and schemes Government of India launches.

6. Divide your time wisely:

You know yourself better than anyone else. After analyzing the subjects of CSE Mains, you can divide your time wisely and please devote 1-2 hour daily for current affairs, as it is a very important part of the UPSC CSE preparation.

You, then divide the time period into other subjects as you feel that you are weak or you have to devote more time. Manage more time for an optional subject you have to choose in your Mains, as it never is so easy to tackle that subject even if it is related to your background.

So, follow these points and start your preparation with confidence, and I will keep posting other tips to help you out in preparing for the exam.


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