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India is a country where craziness for getting Government job especially UPSC CSE and SSC CGL is very high among the youth. Everyone ones to crack the exam and get through reputed job and work for the nation. In this post, I teach you the Seven principles to crack any Government job competitive exams
These types of jobs not only provide you security but also a handsome salary and reputation in society. However, it is important to follow your dream instead of being a part of a herd of sheep, The parents of Indian society stills want their children clear highly prestige job and get a reputation in the society. This is not a wrong thing actually instead of fulfilling the dream of your parents, evaluate yourself whether you want to prepare for the exam or not.
Judging a book by its cover can be dangerous so, choose your decision, career wisely. However, I would like to share seven principles that you can follow for every competitive exam and if you dedicate yourself to follow these principles, you will definitely succeed.
Now, let’s discuss the Seven principles to crack any Government job competitive exams

Read the pattern and syllabus

– One day any relative any friend tell you to start for this exam, you will get a job with so and so designation, this much salary, etc. The persons tell you only prepare for the exam and a positive side of it.
If you are searching for a job, you will definitely give a try to it. But, before giving a try just go through the exam pattern, syllabus, level of examination, If you have not gone through the pattern and syllabus, just please check my previous posts to get an overview of the pattern of different exams like UPSC, SSC, and IBPS.


  1. Pattern and Syllabus of UPSC CSE
  2. Pattern and Syllabus of SSC CGL
  3. Pattern and Syllabus of IBPS exams


After proper evaluation, you think you can go for it. You have evaluated the pattern, level of question, knowledge related to syllabus, now you can prepare better for the exam, as this is the first step that you have to do properly and precisely.

Evaluate yourself


– Next step is evaluation. Evaluation of yourself is very important, it does not matter what you do. You should know your weakness, strong points and how to overcome the weaknesses.
The answer to these questions about yourself can be only answered by you. I assume that you have precisely gone through the exam pattern, now you can write which topic you think that requires more time to prepare, which topics or subject you can easily start and learn their concepts. You now also your weaknesses and you can focus more on eliminating those as it can bring down in your examination.


Keep yourself self-motivated and focused

Motivation is the biggest key to keep focused and dedicated to your preparation. If you lose interest or get distracted or lose hope of clearing in the midway of the preparation, you will never succeed.
When you feel disinterested in any of the subjects, or topics try to read another one which you like the most. You also think it’s your dream that you have to fulfill, you have to be part of a job that everyone dreams.
If you have appeared for the exam and also for other examination just practice and later on result comes negative. Don’t lose hope. Think in a positive way, evaluate where you failed and next time you won’t do the same.
You will definitely succeed if you keep on practicing making notes from your failures. NEVER EVER GIVE UP WITHOUT FIGHTING TILL THE END.

Manage your time

– Time management skills always required in every aspect of life. You don’t know what comes or happens unexpectedly in your life. Make a schedule of tomorrow on a daily basis and try to achieve that.

You can divide your leisure time based on subjects or topics which takes more time or more time in studying so that you can cover up each and every topic before the exam. This way you will never feel that you have missed something. Daily basis making a time table is a very important part of achieving success.

Be confident

Confidence is an essential element that everyone must have to achieve anything in your life. The confidence to achieve success in getting government job comes when you analyze the exam pattern, its syllabus, its level of questions asked.

In this way, you can evaluate yourself and analyze from inside that you can really clear it. Just keep in mind these words like IT IS VERY EASY SUBJECT, I CAN MAKE IT, I WILL TRY WITH FULL SPIRIT. keeping these sentences in mind will keep confident that you are on the right path. Bring some motivation by interacting with successful persons.

Losers only bring negativeness in life. So, keep staying away from them. Be positive and keep doing your hard word as anything can be achieved through hard work.

Persistence and Patience required

Persistence is that keep on doing things until you achieve what you want. Without patience, persistence is nothing. Hence, you have to make a habit of daily studying whenever you get the time and also ready to read the same topic many a time because at once you may not get it properly.

Reading and studying, again and again, will bring new questions and doubt and new answers. So, reading with persistence and patience, you can achieve anything and interested in the subject.

Stay healthy during exam days

Health is very important to give productive work. Without proper health, the mind does not concentrate properly and can also harm your study too. Keeping yourself healthy in exams days become a very important aspect.

East healthy food before studying as heavy and oily food makes you sleep early. East fruit and vegetables especially in Breakfast, to keep yourself healthy and fit. Daily exercise at least for 15 mint also bring activeness in the body which help the individual stay focused in his work.

The last and most importantly, don’t take the pressure off what others say. You have a better life to do many things in which you can be champion and even make a big name than your fellows. In the end. Don’t follow your dreams just others having a good life and you want to be like them. FIRST BE YOURSELF. this is very important to know yourself and focused to achieve anything.

Failure is not the end, it is the beginning to know yourself and proceed in a better way towards success. However, these Seven principles to crack any Government job competitive exams are only way to help you in your future preparation.

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