UPSC exam 2020 dates
Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) recruits grade-A gazetted officers directly for Government of India for more than 24 departments including IAS, IPS every year through civil service examination and everyone wants to get a post through this examination which is making this competition tough day by day. So, the preparation for this exam is also not easy and time taking too. Some aspirants don’t even think of going for other exams due to the greediness of the status they get after clearing this exam.


For newbies, many things come in mind before starting the preparations and appearing for the exam and related to this, I am going to give you answers and make you know whether prepare for this or not?
– First and most important thing make your mind. Don’t be a part of the herds of sheep. I mean you must know yourself whether you really want to go for it, reasons to clear it as big responsibility will come once you clear it. If you are going for it to just fulfill the dream of your parents, want reputation in society, want power, etc, it will be your one of the biggest mistakes which you will realize after joining it. Maybe your interest is different but under peer pressure and talks of others, you chose to go for it. Please don’t do it.
I suggest you first read the syllabus, know the pattern of the exam and then, make your mind for this. If you are still not sure, don’t push yourself into it. You can do any other thing in which you are having an interest and show the best result out of it. You no need to do this just prove yourself.
I mean to say is that just find out your field of interest in the exam by reading topics related to this examination, like social science, current affairs, government administration, and its policies framework. As, after prelims, subjective exams happen where you have to show your learning as well as logical skills to write the answers. Therefore, read the syllabus carefully before opting this as a career and meet the persons who have already joined it.
I am not discouraging you, just telling you that please choose your interest as your career not as per societies choice.

Coaching does not matter

– If you think, you will join coaching and master in the subjects, you are wrong. Yes, mastering the subjects don’t require in UPSC Civil Service Examination. Every year, UPSC changes the way of asking questions in prelims. You should be determined to clear this exam, as lakhs of aspirants are there who join coaching every year in realizing their dreams to become IAS. UPSC CSE coaching fee is not less than 1 lakh including prelims and Mains. So, you have to spend a lot plus your time also to learn each and every subject related to the examination.
– If you think, coaching is the only option to clear it, please forget it. You determination, interest, learning power, dedication, persistence will be tested while preparing for this. After analyzing the CSE with previous year paper (can get on and its syllabus (click here to download), you can go for it. If you realize that coaching is required, go for it. It is your choice, you will definitely succeed.
But, don’t solely relay on teaching done in coaching, you also have to give lot of time to self-study in reading various topics, self-study is must required, daily updates on administrative policies, your way of understanding the things, so keep dedicated and make habit of reading daily.

How to check your interest

– Now, you will say there is no way to check interest in this. If I want to clear it, I will clear it. But, I tell you, one thing before starting for this, please go through the subjects and previous year questions of prelims as well as mains examination, after analyzing the syllabus. The subjects like Geography, History, Environment, Government Policies and Schemes, Government Institutions, Constitution, Science, Social affairs, Daily affairs are the most common subject that you must have to prepare.
Now, you can ascertain and excite yourself for the preparation after analyzing these subjects and previous year papers and what type of questions are asked in it. if this makes you confident, definitely go for it. Adjust your study hours and stick to the subject as you can’t read everything on a daily basis. Read what is required to learn and will be asked in the exams.
– One more thing, you can do is- download NCERT books from NCERT site, and read the social science of class 6-8 and then, class 9-12 subjects like science, social science, environment and evaluate yourself for this examination. As reading NCERT books is the preliminary step to prepare for this examination with full dedication. If you still do not get any interest, don’t push yourself. It will destroy you only as a person.

Life after joining the service

– Many admire the life of IAS or IPS officers, society give them respect, they get status in society. But, just clearing this exam will bring you status or by doing good for society will bring your name. You know the answer.
– Clearing this exam, and joining as IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, etc is a responsible job. You will get exposure to the different administrative department of India before your retirement. But, if you want to join it for enjoying the status of these services and what power you get, you are going in the wrong direction.
– This is a very responsible job, you will be the decision making authority, your decision can change or impact many lives. You will be monitored what decision you take and what you work in the field. Sometimes, you will be posted where you won’t like to work but you will have to work that’s your job. It is not like showing authority on others. The country is changing it is not same as earlier before. You will be a part of administrative like other government employee and have to work betterment of this country. The job sometimes may be hectic or out of your home state, where you may not know anyone. So, just for status and power doing this job is not a good idea.

Time required

– It is a time-consuming examination as it takes dedicated preparation and depends on an individual how much time it takes to understand and learn the subjects, topics. Initial days, you will have to devote a lot of time to learn and understand the topics. As, you know, 6 attempts for General category are there, till the age of 32. If you focus only on this, other options for career slowly get away from you.
That’s why I tell you to take 3-4 weeks or more time to evaluate the CSE instead of going with others as per their suggestions, go with your interest and then start preparing for this exam. BEST of LUCK!

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