How to keep track of Government of India policies and bills

If you are preparing for any Government job in India, you must know about the policies of Government launches every month or I can say you have to be updated related to every important action of the government. It becomes especially important when you are preparing for the Central Government Jobs like UPSC, SSC, IBPS. But, a question is how to keep track of the Government of India policies and bills?

In this post, I will give a simple answer in this regard.


Yes, this is also important if you are preparing for IBPS PO as in general awareness section, all banking related policies are asked.


Keeping and tracking may be a difficult task for new aspirants and reading a newspaper you might not get a full picture of any policy started by the government and any bills passed by the Parliament.


I tell you a thing that you don’t need to worry about this, you can download material on a monthly basis and learn all bills and policy initiated by the Government of India.


What is PRS India

– It is an organization that keeps track of each and every legislation work of the Parliament. PRS tracks the functioning of the Indian Parliament and works with MPs from the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha across political parties and MLAs from various states.

PRS provides a comprehensive and credible resource base to access Parliament-specific data, background information on Parliamentary and governance processes and analysis of key legislative and policy issues.

PRS is a very useful site for the aspirants and doesn’t know how to keep the track of the important legislation passed by the Parliament and Government of India. It reviews the bills and policies on a monthly basis which is not possible to keep yourself updated by just reading a popular newspaper.

What to do next:

– The best part of this site is everything available free of cost and you no need to make an account. You can also run this website on your phone and download the PDF of each and every bill passed by the Parliament.

You have to just visit the website as mentioned above and click on the “Policy review” option in the menu bar. This gives you brief summary on a monthly and annual basis related any development to each sector of the government.

So, you can download the PDF on a monthly basis and read the bills and policies decision taken with brief summary which may not be available on other sites.

Benefits of reading PSR review and summary:

– There are may benefit of using and following the PSR organization to keep yourself aware of each and every policy of the Government, even if you don’t read much newspaper or miss out something on a daily basis.

  1. They provide a summary of bills and policies on a monthly and annual basis in PDF format.
  2. The summary is in layman language means in simple language that can be comprehended by anyone. So, you no need to go in deep of that and also gets the important aspects of the policy or bill.
  3. You can track the schemes started by the government or any other action taken from each and every sector which might be missed out in the newspaper.
  4. If you are preparing for the State exams or Separate law of you want to know, you can click on the above option of the site to choose “States” and “Law of India“.
  5. You can also keep track of all bills passed in the parliament or pending in before the legislature.
  6. You can also keep track of Parliament committees formed so that you can learn what are the committees are there.


– It is a very useful site for the aspirants specially preparing for UPSC CSE examination. As you no need to spend any penny to know the updates related to Government bills and policies.

The summary made by PRS is very much in layman language and if you want to go in-depth of any bill or policy matter you can download the bill also made by the Parliament.

Many things you miss, if you read magazines or newspaper daily and even not possible to remember each and everything on a daily basis. You download their summary on a monthly basis and update yourself and that is sure you won’t miss out anything.

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