Resolve problem of solving Quantitative Aptitude for Government job exams

Maths or Quantitative section is the biggest hurdle for many of the aspirants preparing for various Government exams. In SSC and Banking exams, it can spoil your dream to crack the examination and grab a reputed government job. You might be aware that Maths plays a pivotal role in cracking this exam. Many of the aspirants face the problem in attempting this section. But, if you want to study, you have to study. Every weakness or hurdle has to be tackled or resolved to clear SSC CGL. And, instead of worrying about it there are ways to crack it and prepare in well proficient manner by following tips mentioned below:

1. Figure out your weakness: First essential step is to figure out the problem you are facing in Maths. Check Maths syllabus and figure out which topic disturb you the most, what you find easy, make list of topics according to strong and weak knowledge of the topics and Write down it in your notebook. Make plan or schedule to cover this topics one by one from their roots.

2. Time: Generally to get rid of your fear or weakness, it takes time. If you are ready to devote time in your study, you can win. You will have to spend at least 3 hours a day initially to clear concepts, to cover each and every topic from its root.

3. Dedication: I think it is necessary to be dedicated for the task you want to do. Same it requires for this exam. Many left their preparation due to lost of interest, a lot of hard work required to this section.

4. Knowledge of level of questions: Cognizance of question level asked in the exam is must task for every aspirant. You must buy previous year question books to clear your mind which, what type of questions are asked in the exam. This is called Smart work to prepare for particular exam.

5. Good Reference Books: Collection of good books should be there to clear your concepts in time bound and with self-study. Also, books are required for Practice as without practice no one can clear this exam.

6. Practice: Practice is also essential when you clear your concepts. At least 2-3 hours daily for practice with variety of questions from each topic will be helpful and definitely improve your speed and accuracy.

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