Prepare for SSC CGL exam without leaving your job

SSC CGL preparation is a dedicated task to crack the exam with good score. But, this task or your preparation can be hampered by the job in which you are engaged. One has to manage skillfully one’s preparation between SSC exam and job. I would say it is easy to prepare without being indulge in any kind of other profession than doing a job side by side. But, it would be wrong to consider that you could not clear exam while doing a job in one hand.

So, the questions arise like How will prepare without leaving your job? How much should study? or How do manage you time? etc. I now will answer all your queries and aid you in making your strategy.
1. How to manage time?
Managing your time might be the first and vital task which should be considered before starting up. Actually, it depends on your job profile or work. If you are employed for fixed 9 hours job, you can easily get 2-3 hours weekdays and 5-6 hours weekends. This schedule you can follow for 4-6 months prior to your exam date. But, cutting out portion of your daily hours depends on you. You can study before going to bed and revise and study more on weekends.
2. How much time should study?
The time limit is not necessary. You need to clear concepts and balance your preparation, should be the focus. I mean, if you know the syllabus, exam pattern, concepts of your topics, you will take less time to practice and only thing left is to increase speed and accuracy which play an important part and give an edge over others. If you know the concepts, you can practice question of various types of different sections daily 2-3 hours, else it will take more time initially to study whole of the syllabus from the basics and then, start practice questions. Don’t forget Practicing questions are more vital than clearing basics. As, you have to learn basics of the topic just for one time and practice the topic many times.
3. How to make strategy?
Strategy is important to plan your studies. There are usually four sections in every exam and Mains examination consists of Quantitative Ability and English language and Comprehension section. So, one has to emphasis on these sections more to score in these exams. 75% time of your time should be devoted to these 2 sections and should target your concepts and weak topics to counter the tough questions and clear the exam. Hence, these two sections are more important and can get you through CGL examination. It is also important to make strategy how to attempt your paper. This also plays a vital role in clearing and attempting more questions while distributing 120 minutes among 4 sections in the examination. You will have to score and the best way is that you attempt the questions which you can complete in minimum time. I have previously blogged on this topic which can clarify and help you make your strategy.
4. How to prepare in short span?
The answer of this question can vary person to person and depends on its preparation. It will be good to start as early as possible. This will give more time to plan and prepare for your exam. 4-6 months prior to the exam will be good to start for. But, as you come nearer to the exam and then, start, it may affect your job and preparation both. More time you get, more time you devote to your preparation.
5. List of Books referred
Books that can be helpful I have already blogged about this topic and have mentioned various books which you can refer instead of following primitive recommended books. Now, refer the mentioned books on this blog and i am sure that you will gain and stick to your syllabus while preparing.

6. Should be determined and confident
In the last, one should be determined and focused. You should be confident after reading syllabus and pattern that you can crack the exam. Determination needs to stick to your plan and schedule of your study. This attitude can help you come out of your pressure and sometimes reluctant attitude comes in a way of your preparation. Be focused and determined to crack this exam.

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