India’s first solar powered village in Orissa

You might have heard about the government projects of Solar-power installed in acres of land and used to distribute the electricity need of the nearby households.
But, what happen when the dwellers of a village and a company start initiative with their own and light up their households with the most eco-friendly mean of producing electricity.

Baripatha, a tribal village 25 km southwest of Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa, got electricity on 2nd October with the help of IPS officer and the company ECCO electronics and Jackson Group which claims the solar-panel to be low-cost, low-maintenance and community owned elements. The company also claims that it is a zero-maintenance solar-panel project which can be easily maintained by the dwellers. The solar-panel requires only cleaning and need to check the water level in the batteries is at optimum level or not.


The Rs 7 lakh project, co-funded by ECCO Electronics (a solar products manufacturer) and Jakson Group (a diversified power solutions provider), has put individual solar units with two lamps in each of the village’s 61 houses, along with a central one kilowatt unit that powers eight street lamps, and an TV along with set-top box for the community centre.
There is also a man behind this initiative is Joydeep Nayak, IPS officer who lighted up the 350-odd dwellers. “This project can be replicated to other 3900 villages of Orissa” he said.

Orissa is prone to cyclone and high speed winds, so in that case the center solar panel consisting of eight solar panel can be folded in 2 minutes to protect it from getting damage. And this unit also run 1-horsepower irrigation pump.

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