How to Prepare for Interview of IBPS and other Bank exams

Interview is a personality test done to judge a person appropriate for the job or work applied for. IBPS and other Banks conduct interview after Mains cutoff clearance. Every one has to go through the interview phase to get in the final provisional allotment list.

Although, Interview and Written paper ratio is 20:80 for IBPS and every other Bank exam, yet to perform well in the Interview is equally important as appearing and scoring in the Written exams, as only 1-2 mark can put you in Reserve List of IBPS instead of Final Allotment list.

General Interview Tips:

So, I help you in preparing your Interview for Bank job and share few valuable tips to tackle Interviewer.

  1. Dress Formal and Well.
  2. Carry all valid documents mentioned as before Interview all photocopies and verification will be done.
  3. Switch OFF phones or don’t carry it in the Interview room. 
  4. Take Permission before entering in the Interview Room.
  5. Wish them with “Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon” or “Good Evening”. You can address Sir and Mam individually or just wish all in single address. 
  6. Have a seat until/unless you are told to do so.
  7. Don’t fight with on any point. Just try to be diplomatic or deviate the point when you get stuck somewhere or could not answer to their questions.
  8. They will be frank and polite with you so be yourself don’t be manipulated much about yourself. 
  9. Just be calm and relax while answering. You can speak in your local language or in English, but should be clear in your thoughts and answers.

Interview Preparation Tips: 

1. Prepare General Questions and their Answer: Here, i mean you should be prepare to answer “why you want to join Bank still being an Engineer in other company?“, “Tell me about yourself?” etc. There are plenty of questions usually asked in your Interview, if you have already working in other firm. Few Questions, i also like to list for your help and wisely prepare their according to you.

  1. Tell me about yourself? (Prepare it properly including family, your strength, weakness, ambition, hobby and your aim. Be confident in choosing hobbies and aim as they can twist you in that too)
  2. Why do you want to join Bank?
  3. What did you after your graduation?
  4. Why did you not get job after graduation? (If you have no working experience)
  5. How you professional or study will be beneficial to Bank and its growth?
  6. How will you co-relate your Graduation and Banking sector?
  7. Do you think, you have better in this instead of this company your employed?
  8. How will you manage your sub-ordinate? (If you are appearing for PO)
  9. What did you exhort or attract to prepare for this exam?
  10. Do you preparing for other exams or not?

2. Prepare General Awareness: You must have studied General Awareness points for your IBPS and other Bank Mains examination. Similar, you have to prepare now deeply and briefly. They can ask anything trending related Politics, Government policies, Summit latest happened, Biggest change taken in banking sector, Share market, World, Economics and why all these happening and what are you points in this regards.

3. Prepare your Graduation Subjects: You should also be aware of your graduation subjects or if you are working in a firm, what you have learnt and what you do. These things can also give good impression and can save you from more General Awareness questions.

4. Prepare for General Knowledge: Here, i mean you should be aware about your college name, university name and their background. If they want to twist you they can twist in these questions too. If they find something different. Like your hobby is different and interesting, they will like to know about it more. Hence, prepare well about your background and yourself.

About Interviewer and What in Interview:

– If you are serious about your Interview and prepare well you can easily fetch 55+ marks in this. But, as you know if you have scored well in Written exam it won’t be pressure on you to score high marks. And, It’s mandatory to attend interview to get in the final allotment list.

  • There are usually panel of 5-6 members.
  • Single or all member can take your interview and judge you. It depends on panel, if they are keen to ask more questions from you.
  • You may be asked easy questions with taking more time or tricky questions which takes interview only for 5-10 minutes or you are done with 1-2 questions.
  • Easy or tricky questions don’t judge your bad or good interview. How you answer them or tackle that questions without being baffled that matters. If you are able to answer them properly in tricky questions too, you can score good marks.
  • No one usually get failed in the interview. Special cases like not well dressed and answer nothing, or find fraudulent. 

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