Outcomes of PM Narendra Modi visit to Ireland and USA

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has recently visited the two Nations- Ireland and USA between 23-28 September. This trip is to be considered one of the pivotal foreign trip in terms of investment perceptive of India, especially with USA.
Prime Minister has also attended the UN General Assembly session in New York, USA. This is one of the important summit by UN General Assembly on the sustainable development.

PM in Ireland:

Narendra Modi, is the Prime Minister of India who has visited Ireland nation after 59 years. This visit is not aimed to fetch pacts or MOUs between the countries, whereas it is the visit to bolster the economic and security relations between both nations. 
India is seeking Ireland’s support for its Permanent Membership in UN security council and international export control regimes during wide ranging talks with his Irish counterpart, Enda Kenny (PM of Ireland) which also covered global challenges like terror and radicalization.

PM focuses this visit to bring investment in India and seeks to maneuver Ireland’s proven educational institutions. Information technology, smart agriculture and food processing industry provide other areas for India’s development and flagship programs like Digital India and Skill India.

The visit will also provide an opportunity for the two leaders to discuss global issues particularly in the context of the upcoming UN session which both Prime Ministers will be attending. India and Ireland will explore possibilities of working together in the multilateral fora on global challenges including climate change, poverty alleviation, sustainable development goals, environment and disarmament.

PM in USA:

– The visit to USA has been seen as Business visit to attract Fortune 500 companies to invest in India and boost the flagship programs like Digital India, Swachh Bharat, Skill India, and Make in India. Here, PM visited headquarters of Google, Facebook and other big IT firms to lure them to invest in India.

  • Google will start free Wi-FI service on 500 Railway stations in India. First Station will be Mumbai Central Railway station.
  • Microsoft will provide low cost broadband technology in 5 lakh villages and start cloud computing services operating out of India’s data centers
  • Google will also launch its search engine in 10 Indian languages including Gujarat.
  • Apple also show interest in making manufacturing unit in India.
  • Qualcomm will invest $150 million in Indian start-ups
  • PM also gave Demographic dividend, Democracy, Demand and 4th D- De-regularization while attending interview at Facebook town hall.

PM has also visited 70th UN General Assembly session on Peacekeeping where he stresses on combat of terrorism from the world and urge the nation to get come together to prevail peace and tranquility in the world. As, it is necessary to successfully implement the 2030 goals of Sustainable Development.
Highlights of PM speech in UNGA:

  1. PM begins his speech by mentioning Indian soldiers fought in World War II.
  2. Till now, 1,80,000 Indian troops have participated in UN’s 48 peacekeeping missions, out of the 69 so far.
  3. India was the first country to contribute a Female Formed Police Unit to UN Mission in Liberia.
  4. More than 24,000 lost their lives and nearly half of that went missing. This legacy of sacrifice is shared by three nations here.
  5. Today’s peacekeepers are called upon not only to maintain peace and security, but also address a range of complex challenges.
  6. The problems arise to a large extent because Troop Contributing Countries do not have a role in the decision-making process. They do not have adequate representation in senior management and as Force Commanders.
  7. Peacekeeping missions should be deployed prudently, with full recognition of their limitations and in support of political solutions.

-There is also G-4 Nations meet- Japan, Germany, Brazil and India to discuss United Nations Security Council Reforms. As, all G-4 Nations are seeking to get permanent seats in UN security council.
– PM also participates in India-US Startups Konnect 2015 in San Jose, USA. Here, PM discusses to invest in the Start-ups in India from Business houses of USA and urges them to invest in India. The hindrance and problems are also discussed which need to be abolished to make India investment friendly.
– PM also had bilateral meeting with the Presidents of Palestine and Mexico to bolster economic and strategic cooperation in various fields.

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