Guide to prepare for SSC DEO and LDC exam in short period

SSC DEO (Data Entry Operator) and LDC (Lower Division Clerk) exam is conducted every year for clerk grade posts in central ministries. And, every year lakhs of students fill this form and only 2000-2500 students get the final allotment. Although, in the year 2015 SSC LDC application, thousands of post of Postal Assistant have been added. But, also increased the applicants applying for this exam.

Now, SSC LDC 2015 is going to be conducted in the month of November 2015, so it’s a high time one should tight ones preparation to clear this exam. Due to increase in applicants, the competition is going to be tough. But, a good strategy and preparation can get you clear this exam like cakewalk. And, for this purpose, i would like to give you preparation tips and books info which really going to help you out in the exam. 

Procedure of Selection for this exam:

– This test is conducted in 2 phases- (1) Written Objective Test; and (2) Typing test. To get in the final merit list, one has to clear both exams. And, Written test of 200 questions in 2 hours should be cleared with good score as this test weighs the more and a deciding factor of the merit list. The pattern and the syllabus of every SSC exam are same and you no need to study extra syllabus or topics, if you are preparing for another exam of SSC.

Typing test of LDC/DEO/Postal Assistant is conducted after clearing the Cut-off of Written test. It will be of 15 minutes and 10 minutes for DEO and LDC respectively. Although, for DEO typing speed is normal but one has to practice hard for LDC typing test. One has to type 2000-2200 key strokes or depression in 15 or 10 minutes.
This test will be only of qualifying in nature.

Note: In 2014 examination, SSC conducted a Descriptive test after Written Test only to rectify the genuine students from cheaters. It was of only qualifying in nature and does not affect the final merit list.

How and What books to read:

– This is the important question of every aspirants. Good and specific are needed to prepare for this exams. But, again i will say, if you are preparing for CPO or CGL exam, just try revise that only as you need not buy extra books or learn any other topic. As, the eligibility criteria for this exam is 12th pass. Hence, the level is not as tough as the level of CGl or CPO exams.
But, if you are 1st time appearing for the SSC exam, i suggest you few books which can really help you in preparation.
General Intelligence and Reasoning:RS Aggrawal Verbal and Non-verbal; Kiran previous year chapter-wise; These two books are enough for Reasoning section preparation as it don’t require many concepts and logic to solve the questions. You can buy 1 book which contains previous year Reasoning questions and just practice that to clear the exam.
General Awareness: This might be the most time consuming and gives less result. But, as you know that the competition in SSC clerk exam is even tougher than the CGL or CPO exams due to large number of applicants. So, one has to prepare this section also carefully and properly. You can follow the study material links posted on my blog which contains compiled notes on each topic of GS section.
You can buy Lucent’s General Knowledge book; 14000+ GS questions by Arihant publications. These books are enough to crack your exam. And, to know previous year questions of GS, buy Kiran Publications previous-year question bank only for GS section.
Quantitative Aptitude: This section might be tough for many aspirants and for others it may be scoring one. To prepare for this question, you must clear base and concepts of every topic of this section. After this, you only need practice and practice as much you can.
You can buy books for clearing concepts- Kiran publication Quickest mathematics or Arithmetic maths by paramount; Lucent’s Advanced Mathematics or Advanced mathematics by Rakesh Yadav by Paramount; Platform books for Hindi Medium students.
For practice books- Kiran publication 5500+ previous year questions chapter-wise (must buy); Paramount Mock Test Series; Arihant Sample Paper series for SSC; You can aslo buy other books too for practice as you like.
English Language: This section should be prepared carefully. As, it can increase or decrease your score. But, i advise never GUESS in this section while attempting questions. This can harm your overall score.
You can buy books- Objective English by SP bakshi or Plinth to paramount by Neetu Singh; A Mirror of Common Errors; Kiran publication’s chapter-wise previous year question; Paper back by MB publications for practice;

Time Management:

– Time management is a vital element to prepare and score best in your examination. This thing can be divided into 2 parts- While preparing for the exams and How time can be managed while attempting the exam paper. If you manage time in both, you are definitely going to score better.

Time Management while preparing- for this you need to understand that much attention has to be given the weak sections and practice them more. While, the strong sections need only polish to make it impregnable.
It’s easy to prepare time schedule for aspirants not working. But, If you have difficulty in managing your time with your working situations, follow this pattern.

– You need to start preparation before 3-4 months. Spend 1 hour in Maths and practice after office hours and 1 hour for English alternate days.

– Weekend spend 6-8 hour for study. Practice previous year question of Reasoning and English. Learn Gk for 1 hour. Then, again do maths, clear concepts of new chapter and practice its related questions.

– After your course to clear concepts of Reasoning, English, Maths and GS gets completed. Practice Mock test or Sample papers to brush up your concepts. Try to do it in 105 minutes.

As, the bitter truth of these type of exams is that you also mark oval in 120 minutes only and sometimes, complete attendance formality in this time limit. Hence, one only has 105 minutes to solve all 200 questions, and 15 minutes to oval the answer in OMR sheet.

Sequence of Attempting sections:

In this, i will answer How time can be managed in the examination and What sequence of attempting sections can be helpful.
– First thing is that you may follow your own sequence of attempting sections whatever way you feel is good. But, for SSC LDC and DEO exams most of you are newbie and need some guidance in this regard too.
Sequence of attempting and devoting time in the exam:

  1. Reasoning- It is advisable to attempt it first and only spend 30 minutes and next 5 minutes to oval it.
  2. GS/English- You can attempt any section- GS or English. For GS Section, spend 15 minutes as it is not possible to attempt all questions, do which gets in one reading and take 2-3 minutes to oval the answer in OMR sheet. And, for English Section, spend 25 minutes and 5 minutes to oval. It takes time in error finding and fill up section. One word substitution, Idioms/Phrases, word meaning take less time as it depends on your preparation.  
  3. Maths– Do it in the last. And spend whole time left with you. As, this section can be scoring if done well. One can easily fetch 40+ marks.   

Note: you can follow your time management and sequence of attempting the paper. But, try to do Maths Section in the last. Because, if you get involved in doing this section, it may take time which must required for other sections. Hence, to score higher marks can be demolished. 

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