Complete list of Tours by Prime Minister in 2014-2015

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, took oath on 26, May, 2014 and since then, he meticulously handled the Foreign policy to enhance the presence of India and bring investment in the country.
We have listed countries and related purpose, notes of Narendra Modi visits to other countries.

List of Countries visited in 2014:

1. Bhutan
Area visited– Paro, Thimpu (16-17, June)
Purpose– State visit and to upholds and strengthens the special and unique age-old friendship between Bhutan and India.
Agreement/Outcomes– PM Modi inaugurated the Supreme Court of Bhutan, built under the assistance of Indian Government, and led the foundation stone of the 600 Megawatt Kholongchu Hydropower Project which is a Joint Venture project between the Indian and Bhutanese PSUs, SJVNL and Druk Green Power Corporation.
-> Reassured India’s continued commitment to capacity building especially in the education and IT sectors in Bhutan.
-> GOI conveyed its decision to exempt Bhutan from any ban on export items- Milk powder, Wheat, Edible oil, Pulses and Non-basmati rice.
->PM Modi announced the doubling of the Nehru-Wangchuck scholarship to Rs. 20 million per year.
-> GOI will provide assistance in building of E-library in the National Library of Bhutan and other 20 districts.
-> Both sides further agreed on Mutual Security, Trade,  and Investments, and mutual cooperation and relationships on different national issues. 
2. Brazil
Area visited– Fortaleza, Brasilia (13-16, July)
Purpose– 6th BRICS summit and State visit.
Agreement/Outcomes–  Establishment of a consultation mechanism on consular and mobility issues
-> Implementing arrangement between GOI and Brazilian government on a Brazilian earth station for receiving and processing data from IRS satellites  
-> Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Government of the Republic of India and on cooperation in the field of environment  
-> 6th BRICS summit – Fortaleza Declaration (more details)
3. Nepal
Area visited– Kathmandu (3-4, August); and for SAARC summit (25-27 November)
Purpose-State visit; and 18th SAARC summit.
Agreement/Outcomes-Both agreed to review, adjust and update the Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1950 and other bilateral agreements.
-> The two Prime Ministers also underlined the need to resolve pending Nepal-India boundary issues once and for all.
-> The decision to establish an Eminent Persons Group on Nepal-India Relations (EPG-NIR).
-> GOI announced credit of $1 billion to Nepal.
-> More Details
4. Japan
Area visited– Kyoto, Tokyo (30 August – 3 September)
Purpose– State visit and to increase Investment in India.
Agreement/OutcomesMore Details
5. United States
Area visited– New York, Washington (26-30 September)
Purpose– General Meeting of United Nations General Assembly and to increase Mutual Cooperation between US and India.
Agreement/OutcomesMore Details
6. Myanmar
Area visited– Naypyidaw (11-13 November)
Purpose– 9th East Asia Summit
Agreement/Outcomes– ASEAN Summit (More Details)
6. Australia
Area visited– Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney (14-18 November)
Purpose– G-20 Brisbane Summit; and India-Australia relations
Agreement/Outcomes– G20 Summit
-> MOUs between India and Australia- There’s an agreement on social security and another on transfer of sentenced persons. The MoUs signed on combating narcotics trafficking and on enhancing cultural relations between the two countries as well as an understanding on improving tourism interaction between the two countries.
7. Fiji
Area visited– Suva (19 November)
Purpose– State visit for India-Fiji relations
Agreement/Outcomes– PM announced a 75 million of credit for Fiji  in order to develop stronger relationship and for a co-generation power plant and upgrading the sugar industry and plus a fi5 million USD fund to develop its villages even as the two countries agreed to expand their defense and security cooperation.
Note:- PM has visited Nepal two time in 2014.


List of Countries visited in 2015:

1. Seychelles
Area visited– Victoria (10-11 March)
Purpose– State visit for India-Seychelles relations
Agreement/Outcomes– Any PM visited after 34 years.
-> Announced another Dornier aircraft for Seychelles and also a Coastal Surveillance Radar Project as a symbol of bilateral cooperation.
-> The two sides signed four agreements, including on cooperation in hydrography, renewable energy, infrastructure development and sale of electronic navigational charts.
-> PM thanked Seychelles for endorsing India for Permanent Membership in Security Council of UN.
2. Mauritius
Area visited– Port Louis (11-13 March)
Purpose– State visit for India-Mauritius relations
Agreement/Outcomes– PM offered $500 million credit to Mauritius.
-> Signed 5 MOUs in the field of ‘Ocean Economy’; Cooperation in the field of Traditional System of Medicine and Homeopathy; Improvement in Sea and Air Transportation Facilities at Agalega Island of Mauritius; Programme for Cultural Cooperation between the Republic of India and the Republic of Mauritius for the year 2015-18.
-> Export of fresh mangoes from India to Mauritius;
3. Sri Lanka
Area visited– Colombo, Jaffna (13-14 March)
Purpose– State visit for India-Sri lanka relations
Agreement/Outcomes– Raised Fishermen’s issues between India and Sri Lanka.
-> India and Sri Lanka signed four pacts- agreement on visa, customs to simply trade and reduce non-tariffs, youth development and building Rabindranath Tagore memorial.
4. Singapore
Area visited– Singapore (29 March)
Purpose– State Funeral of Lee Kuan Yew; and for India-Singapore relations
Agreement/Outcomes– Funeral of Lee Kuan Yew
->To cement India-Singapore bilateral ties and bolster India’s Look East policy.
5. France
Area visited– Paris, Toulouse, Neuve-Chapelle (9-12 April)
Purpose– State visit for India-France relations
Agreement/Outcomes– 20 Pacts were signed between GOI and France Government.
-> 36 Rafael Jets deal
-> Other Agreements- More Details
6. Germany
Area visited– Berlin, Hannover (12-14 April)
Purpose– State visit for India-Germany relations
Agreement/Outcomes– No pact was inked.
-> Visit in order to bring investment in India through German Industries and bolster the Make-in India project. More Details
7. Canada
Area visited– Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver (14-16 April)
Purpose– State visit for India-Canada relations
Agreement/Outcomes– 13 pacts were inked
-> Nuclear fuel deal for the supply of Uranium
-> Modi announced Electronic Visa Authorization for tourist visa for Canadian nationals.
-> Growth of Clean energy, Space, Security cooperation
-> Strengthen Defense ties and Comprehensive Economic development.
8. China
Area visited– Xi’an, Beijing, Shanghai (14-16 May)
Purpose– State visit for India-China relations
Agreement/Outcomes– List of 24 Agreements signed between GOI and China Government.(More Detials)
9. Mongolia
Area visited– Ulan Bator (16-17 May)
Purpose– State visit for India-Mongolia relations
Agreement/Outcomes– Signed 14 pact such as for enhancing cooperation in border guarding, policing and surveillance.
-> Credit line $1 billion offered to Mongolia.
-> Cooperation in Civil nuclear domain such as societal and industrial applications of radioisotopes, exploration and mining of radioactive minerals in Mongolia, and human resource development.
10. South Korea
Area visited– Seoul (18-19 May)
Purpose– State visit for India-Seoul relations.
Agreement/Outcomes– 7 pacts were inked including the revision of DTAA (Double Tax Avoidance Agreement) rules.
-> Two sides agreed on cooperation in Audio-Visual production
-> South Korea will invest $10 billion in Infrastructure of India. (More Details)
11. Bangladesh
Area visited– Dhaka (6-7 June)
Purpose– State visit for India-Bangladesh relations, and Land Swap Agreement
Agreement/Outcomes– Land Swap final agreement.
-> 20 pacts were tabled during Modi’s visit.
-> A $2 billion credit facility for Bangladesh to use for infrastructure, power, health and education projects.
-> Inland water transit and Trade agreement were signed.
-> Trans-border bus service on the Dhaka-Shillong-Guwahati and Kolkata-Dhaka-Agartala routes will be started.
-> More Details
12. Uzbekistan
Area visited– Tashkent (6 July
Purpose– State visit for India-Uzbekistan relations
Agreement/Outcomes– Strengthening long-term bilateral cooperation covering various sectors such as political ties, security, counter-terrorism, trade and investment, science and technology, cultural linkages as well as cyber security.
-> More Details
13. Kazakhstan
Area visited– Astana (7 July)
Purpose– State visit for India-Kazakhstan relations
Agreement/Outcomes– 5 key pacts were signed.
-> Military cooperation, defense manufacturing, and a contract for supplying Uranium.
-> More Details
14. Russia
Area visited– Ufa (8-10 July)
Purpose– 7th BRICS summit; and to improve India-Russia relations
Agreement/Outcomes– To participate in 7th BRICS summit and SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization)
-> SCO members agreed to include India as a member.
-> More Details
15. Turkmenistan
Area visited– Ashgabat (10-11 July)
Purpose– State visit for India-Turkmenistan relations
Agreement/Outcomes– Inked 7 pacts with Ashgabat in the field of defense and tourism.
-> Implementation of $10 billion TAPI Natural gas pipeline.
-> Cooperation in combating Terrorism in the region and Long-term investment in the energy sector.
16. Kyrgyzstan
Area visited– Bishkek (12 July)
Purpose– State visit for India-Kyrgyzstan relations
Agreement/Outcomes– Inked 4 pacts
-> Agreement on Defense cooperation, in the field of Electronics, technical cooperation in the fields of conformity assessment, standardization and sharing of expertise on mutual trade, Regional and Cultural cooperation.
17. Tajikistan
Area visited– Dushanbe (12-13 July)
Purpose– State visit for India-Tajikistan relations
Agreement/Outcomes– 2 pacts were inked.
-> Programme of Cooperation (POC) between Ministries of Culture of India and Tajikistan in the field of Culture for the years 2016-18
-> Exchange of Note Verbale (NV) on setting up of Computer Labs in 37 Schools in Tajikistan
18. United Arab of Emirates
Area visited– Abu Dhabi, Dubai (16-17 August)
Purpose– State visit for India-United Arab Emirates relations
Agreement/Outcomes– Signed a Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (BIPPA).
-> Cooperation in Energy sector. Abu Dhabi National Energy company will invest $700 million in Himachal Pradesh.
-> More Details
19. Ireland
Area visited: Dublin, Ireland (23 September)
Purpose: State visit for India-Ireland relations
Agreement/Outcomes: More Details
20. United States of America
Area visited: New York, San Jose, Washington (24-27 September)
Purpose: UN General Assembly meet, Meeting with Investors, State visit for India-US relations
Agreement/Outcomes: More Details

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