Important Details for SSC CPT Exam for CSS post

SSC CPT (Computer Proficiency Test) conducted by SSC for the interview Qualified students who have opted for an Assistant in Cabinet Secretariat Service (CSS). This is not necessary for other interview posts. So, if you even skip this test you will be considered for other interview posts too.

This test includes three parameters to test the students are eligible for CSS job in different ministries. As, Assistant in CSS is usually considered a desktop job where drafting and various paper work is required. This exam is only qualifying in nature no marks are added. if you qualify this exam, you will be considered for CSS posts too.

1. Typing Test: Initially, you will go through a simple typing test of 15 minutes. This test will be conducted in their own software. In the examination hall, everyone will be asked to log-in with respective Roll Numbers and then, the information about will be displayed so that you can verify the authenticity of your details. Next on proceeding, you will be given 2 minutes as a Trial to get used to the keyboard and desktop.
After, this test starts. You don’t have start the test, until you get the main paragraph sheet to type. If you start immediately after the Trial Test, the time count of 15 minutes will start and you may lose few seconds, if you haven’t got your paragraph sheet. Everyone will get 2000 keys depressions/strokes paragraph. So, follow the invigilator instructions carefully.
Note: this exam is easy, if you practice on your desktop even before 20-30 days before your exam. You have to type 2000 keys depressions/strokes which is approximately equal to 300-350 words means 30 wpm or more speed can easily clear this test. So, if it gets completed before time, you can check your mistakes and amend them.
In this error %age is calculated, 5% error for UR category, 7% for OBC/SC, and 15% for ST/HH/VH categories are allowed.

2. Excel Test: Next, you are asked to open MS office Excel 2007 on you desktop. And gain, a instruction sheet will be given to every candidate on which Excel sample sheet is created and all instructions will be written. So, create the same excel sheet as given on instruction page and follow other instructions like to add border, font family, font size, what formula you have to use, etc.
This test will be of 15 minutes and will start when invigilator ask you to start, before that you have to keep reading instruction page.
Note: In this exam, candidates usual mistake is that their final printout comes in 2 pages. This mistakes can cost you 10 marks. As, in this marks are given out of 100, but the candidates have to qualify both Excel & Power-point test combined in which UR has to score 60% out of 200 marks and 50% marks for OBC/SC/ST candidates.

3. Power-point Test: This test is also conducted in Ms office 2007 where candidates have to make a slide similar to mentioned in the instruction page. In this, 15 minutes are given and proper border, footer, font size and color has to be taken care of. This test is also of 100 marks and candidates have to secure qualifying marks to get CSS post.

– This test is easy one, if you practice even 15-20 days before the exam. There is also an edge to get CSS post, if you are near to the interview cutoff of CGL exam. As, the cutoff of CSS always remain low.
So, i advise you that one should give this test if one wants to live in Delhi for life and work in different central ministries. And only takes 1.30-2 hour total, if verification is also included.

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