Aptitude books for Competition and SSC Government Jobs Exam

Maths or Quantitative section of SSC is very important and essential to crack it, if one aims to score good marks in the exam. This section can be scoring, if prepared well with concepts and practice. Hence, i have distributed the books in terms of concepts and practice.

Books for Concepts:

1. RS aggarwal – Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations

Review: If you are preparing for Government jobs exam, you will find many of the aspirants preferring this books. But, this book has become obsolete with time. And, there are lots of books available for each exams as per their patterns. So, you can buy and follow other books available in the market and start even if you don’t know basics or anything about the exams and syllabus.
Although this can be read as a start up for basics but can’t be advised to depend on this.

2. Quickest Quantitative Aptitude Useful for all Competitive Exams

Review: I have personally studied this book and found it beneficial for those who study at home without coaching and wants to clear concept of Quantitative Aptitude for Government jobs exam. This book keeps you up to the syllabus and is compatible for SSC CGL, 10+2 LDC, IBPS and even for CAT, or MBA entrance exams.

3. SSC Elementary & Advanced Mathematics (English) by Kiran Publication

Review: This book is really helpful for those preparing at home. As, Advanced Maths topics also weighs importance in clearing the exam. In 50 mark section of Tier1 of SSC, 10-15 questions are asked from Advanced Maths topics. This book has provided all concept with examples and there are practice questions too.

4. Arithmetic for General Competitions English by Neetu Singh

Review: This book is from popular coaching center for SSC and government exam preparation. It covers specific and important solved questions asked in SSC and other government job exams. It has distributed the level of questions in three levels and in the starting of every chapter concept is cleared. This book is SSC pattern specific, and hence, helps you keep stick to the pattern and syllabus of the exam.

5. Advance maths for General Competitions (English) by Rakesh Yadav

Review: As, i said one need to cover Advance Mathematics topics too. This book covers Algebra basics, Geometry, Mensuration, Trigonometry, etc important topics. It has also provided various types of questions to practice for the exams.

6. Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Arihant’s Publication

Review: This book is similar to Kiran’s Publication Quickest Mathematics and has elaborated every chapter with exercises and concepts according to the syllabus. This book is good for concept clearing and can be understood by self-study.

Books for Practice:

– I have already mentioned the concept books which also cover the examples and solved question which can be beneficial for every aspirants. You can practice those questions also or buy specific practice books with solution given.

1. SSC MATHEMATICS CHAPTER WISE SOLVED PAPERS 1999- till date 5500+ Objective(English)

Review: This is a Question bank, consists of previous year questions asked in SSC exams in 10-12 years past. The author has sorted the questions chapter wise and in each chapter, there is lots of different types of exercises with different types of question asked in the exams conducted by SSC. With practice of this, you can easily cover-up evey topic with different types of questions. It really beneficial for those preparing for SSC LDC or MTS exams.As, questions asked in these exams are similar to the questions of this book. If you can remember, you score good marks.

2. How to Prepare for QuantITative Aptitude for Competitive exams by Arun Sharma

Review: This book is very popular among CAT aspirants as it provides concept with chapter and exercises divided into 3 difficulty level of questions. The level of questions are really hard and brain-storming for the students in initial stage studying this book. So, i recommend first clear all concept then solve the questions of this book. If you are preparing for CAT, you have to solve all the difficulty level of questions. But, for SSC CGL and UPSC CSAT, you can do 1st and 2nd level questions of evey chapter.

3. SSC Tier II Model Papers Maths(English) by paramount

Review: This book contains high level of good questions to test you. It is not only good for tier-2, but also good for tier-1 or pre examination. As, it polishes your mathematics concepts with good level of questions and prepares you for tough exam of CGl pre-exam too.

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